Approach the choice of engagement rings with all responsibility, because these jewelry will be with you all long life together!


Jewelry stores offer not only smooth, classic and familiar to all engagement rings. There are rings of a pair of style, with a gemstone decoration, with a unique design.
You can buy jewelry with engraving or order it according to your idea. And you can order the production of the ring completely in accordance with your wishes!


If the design of the ring is bright and interesting, then the metal jewelry should be inconspicuous. Gold large rings with a large stone will not look noble and rich, but tasteless and cheap.
Previously, the future spouses were guided by the rule, which obliged them to select the metal of the wedding ring for other everyday jewelry. But now both men and women easily combine several metals in their accessories: platinum, pink, yellow, red, white gold.

The size

When choosing an engagement ring, consider not only its diameter, but also the profile.
The decoration profile affects its size and fit on the finger. Try on several different rings and determine which one is best "sitting".
The size of the wedding ring is affected by its thickness. The narrow ring is not attached to the finger as tightly as the wide ring. Remember that the finger grows hot in the heat, and it narrows slightly in the cold.

Beauty and convenience

Pay attention to the thickness of the decoration also in order to determine which wedding ring looks more beautiful on your finger. Wide, medium and thin rings look like thick and thin fingers in different ways.
Even the most beautiful engagement ring should be comfortable. It should not put pressure on your finger or fly off your hands. The ring should be suitable for most evening and everyday outfits. The stone in the ring must be firmly secured. Make sure that he does not cling to his clothes.


Do you want to give the purchase of wedding rings a meaning that will emphasize love for each other? Choose jewelry with a certain stone that fits your temperament. Or order engraving on the rings in the form of a non-banal phrase, which will be clear only to you.
Then just by looking at the ring, you'll instantly return to the memories of the wedding day and provide yourself with a great mood!