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Gold items never go out of fashion and do not lose their value over time, this is their main advantage. Long-term wear hardly affects their appearance, and the jewelry we inherited from our grandmother looks as attractive as if they were bought yesterday. Artfully crafted gold jewelry has always testified to the excellent taste, status and respectability of their owners. Such things bring a touch of sophistication and aristocracy to everything that surrounds you, they decorate life and contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of well-being and comfort. There is a long tradition that gold jewelry should be passed down from generation to generation, thus creating your own collection. Take a look at the catalog of gold items on the site and replenish your collection with new jewelry.

Product catalog of the jewelry store RUVAS

The magic of precious stones and metals has fascinated and attracted both women and men for many centuries. It is almost impossible to resist the sunny shine of gold in a combination of bewitching stones. is an online jewelry store whose catalog is represented by a wide range of gold rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains and other jewelry. A large assortment of the catalog will allow you to easily find an original gift that will be appropriate for any occasion. We have more than a thousand items of jewelry in various categories, their range is constantly updated and growing, because we are constantly working to find the best deals for you.

  • rings: in the catalog of our store there is a huge selection of wedding rings, products with inserts of precious and semi-precious stones. Inserts may differ in both color and shape. The most popular are rings decorated with ruby, emerald and alexandrite. Choose the shape and size of the stone based on personal preferences, it can be an oval, a circle, a placer, or another extraordinary version. The catalog of our jewelry is ready to offer you original and exquisite jewelry for everyday wear and more spectacular and luxurious products that can be a great addition to an evening outfit;
  • earrings: perhaps the most common piece of jewelry, they can be worn by both young children and older women. Therefore, in the catalog of any store, their assortment is very diverse. In our store you can pick up original products to create a festive evening look, as well as modest, but at the same time cute stud earrings that are appropriate to wear at any age and in any situation. Also, in the jewelry store catalog you can pick up jewelry for girls. Children's options for gold products are, as a rule, not very expensive, but despite this, any little fashionista will remember this gift for a long time. Earrings differ not only in the form of performance, but also in size. Jewelry in a jewelry store, it is advisable to choose according to the shape of the ears and face, the length and line of the neck, the color of the hair, eyes and skin. We must not forget about the preferences and desires of the future owner of these products;
  • pendants: these jewelry will harmoniously fit into any sophisticated look. They can safely be called a work of art, and this is not an exaggeration. They are able to decorate even the most modest outfit. One gets the impression that creating these jewelry, the craftsmen fully revealed their talents and showed a very fine jewelry skill. Such products are made mainly in the classic version and never lose their relevance. If on the eve of an important event, you are looking for an idea for a memorable gift - look at the catalog of our jewelry store;
  • chains: the use of modern equipment makes it possible to obtain the finest golden threads, with the help of which the most exquisite patterns are created. The catalog of the Ruvas website contains jewelry that can be an ideal gift for both men and women, and even for children. Massive, heavy products with complex weaving are used as the main decoration, but exquisite thin chains can serve as an excellent basis for various pendants, crosses or icons;
  • bracelets: the store catalog contains a wide selection of decorative products, there are also chain-knitting and rigid models of bracelets. The combination of a variety of materials, shapes, weaves and inserts used in the manufacture of these jewelry will win the heart of any fashionista. Do you want to make your image bright and memorable? Decorate your hand or ankle with an original decorative bracelet from the jewelry catalog of our store. This will emphasize your refined taste and desire to comply with fashion trends;
  • accessories: in addition to jewelry in our catalog, you can pick up many other products made of gold. Keychains, clips and cufflinks can be a great gift for a man. The noble luxury of these products will undoubtedly emphasize the masculinity and status of their owner. In addition to the beautiful appearance. It should be noted that the prices for these products in our catalog are quite reasonable;

Don't know what to pick up as a gift? Then visit the jewelry catalog of our store. Not every site can boast of such a number of items in the range. Here you will find an excellent choice combined with impeccable quality that meets all the necessary requirements and standards. In our jewelry catalog, you can choose jewelry for absolutely any age. Enjoy the shopping!