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Women have been wearing jewelry since time immemorial. And now it's hard to say why they do it, perhaps the desire to look beautiful, laid in them somewhere on the genetic level, or maybe it's a kind of tribute to fashion. But in any case, from generation to generation the whole beautiful half of humanity prefers various kinds of jewelry. Someone wears exclusively gold products, trying to demonstrate their financial superiority, but someone is quite content with the usual jewelry. But with full certainty it can be said that silver earrings are in demand in any category of the population. The assortment of gold products is so diverse that they can be worn by both aristocratic ladies and the most ordinary girls.


The desire to be beautiful is passed on from generation to generation. Many mothers to their little princesses pierce ears almost from the diaper. It's very nice to watch a picture when a tiny baby is being driven in a wheelchair, with delicate gold earrings in her ears. Children's earrings, in addition to a small size, differ from adults in a peculiar theme. They can be made in the form of flowers, little animals, various bows, stars, hearts, and even with the image of your favorite cartoon heroes. But most importantly, what should I look for when choosing gold earrings for the smallest, is a clasp. It should be sufficiently reliable and safe.

Adolescent girls can afford more intricate gold items, perhaps even slightly extraordinary. At this age it is already possible to give the child the right to choose oneself, because tastes of different generations may not coincide. Young people always have a desire to stand out and attract attention, so they prefer earrings, with different inserts and stones. They fit more vivid and bold options. Great popularity is enjoyed by such a direction as piercing. The older generation does not understand this, but among the youth this is very popular. And gold products for these purposes will be approached as it is impossible by the way.

Gold earrings are considered a universal decoration, they are well combined with any style of clothing, they are appropriate to dress for any event, regardless of the time of year. They will perfectly decorate and complement both an evening outfit, and a strict business suit, a romantic blouse and even a simple T-shirt. Golden earrings for every day will emphasize the style and taste of any girl. Therefore, it is desirable that in the arsenal of each lady there were several pairs of earrings, which could be changed depending on the chosen outfit, the upcoming event or just the mood.

Gold earrings: old traditions and legends that have survived to this day

Gold products, in particular, such as dishes and all kinds of jewelry, began to be used in antiquity. This metal has a beneficial effect on the human body, it can reduce physical and emotional stress, relieve stress and heal wounds. These and many other advantages and served as an excuse for the fact that Gold products have gained incredible popularity.

If you plunge into ancient beliefs and customs, you can find out that a long time ago, the ears were considered a kind of gateway through which spirits pass. That is why the ancient people felt the need to protect this body. Earrings in the form of a snake and rings bear their history precisely from this distant past. People wearing Golden earrings sincerely believed that it would protect them from the evil eye.

There is one more ancient tradition. According to the biblical interpretation, before she was ejected from Eve for ever from paradise, she was pierced with ears. After this, perhaps out of compassion, the Creator presented her with unusually beautiful earrings adorned with precious stones. And ostensibly since then, earrings have always remained an attribute of women's attire in different national cultures. True or fiction, we will never know, but a beautiful legend has a right to exist.


At present, a very large amount of jewelry is made of gold, among which the earrings occupy a leading position. They will successfully focus on the beauty of the female face and eyes, emphasize the elegant curves of the neck and shoulders. After all, a woman is important not only to impress others, but also to have fun seeing her reflection in the mirror.

Buying modern models of earrings first thing to pay attention to:

  • Size: small gold earrings perfectly complement the strict style of clothing. A massive or long products suitable for an unusual and exquisite outfit;
  • Weight: it should be remembered that the heavier the decoration, the higher its price. In addition, large and heavy earrings can greatly stretch the lobes of the ears, and this will make them less aesthetic;
  • Form: this criterion depends entirely on your taste. The main thing is that the gold earrings are in harmony with your image and style of clothes. Children are most suitable for small earrings - pouches. They are very convenient for daily wearing. Young people should pay attention to more interesting and original options. These can be earrings-rings or unusual curly models. For older ladies, it is better to look for classics.

In Ukraine, you can buy gold earrings in almost any jewelry salon. That's why any girl can afford to buy several varieties of jewelry from gold. After all, fashion changes so quickly, and for young people it is very important to be in a trend and to correspond to its tendencies.

Gold earrings: the price of jewelry

The price of gold earrings depends, first of all, on the cost of the metal itself. Equally important is the test, the more the percentage of impurities in the alloy, the cheaper the product will cost. Often the price of earrings depends also on the producing country. Gold products made in Asian countries are cheaper, but the reason is that in countries such as China, Malaysia or Taiwan, jewelry designed for mass consumers is made from poor quality raw materials. That is why domestic earrings can cost significantly more than imported Chinese.

An important factor affecting the cost of gold earrings is the material used to decorate the product. Earrings with semiprecious stones will cost less than items with rubies, emeralds or sapphires. The purity and origin of the crystal also affects the price of the product. So, synthetic stones are used in the manufacture of inexpensive jewelry, and exclusive and very expensive earrings decorate with diamonds.

Usually gold earrings are inexpensive, but in shops, as a rule, replicated items are sold. The cost of the exclusive decoration of the author's work will be much higher. After all, this product is completely made by hand and in a single copy. Buying such things at various fairs, one should take into account that no one can give you a guarantee regarding the quality of these ornaments. Therefore, it is better to buy gold earrings in specialized shops.