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Laconic, refined, massive and luxurious jewelry made of gold is relevant at all times. Modern manufacturers offer many different products for every taste. In the box with the adornments of a young girl or an older woman, there will certainly be at least one golden chain. Many celebrities prefer products made of gold, using them as a supplement to the daily seating or to create a festive image. Buy gold chains of original design can be in the online store "Ruvas."


Metal (sterling silver of 925 tests), which is used to make silver chains, is amenable to various types of processing, for example:

  • Parenting. The product, covered with a thin layer of precious rhodium, does not turn black or tarnish. This chain is beautiful shine, not afraid of scratches and resembles a piece of white gold.
  • Oxidation. With this treatment, you can get the noble "aged" jewelry with the original touch.
  • Blackening. To create a relief contrast pattern, the products with engraving are covered with a special "bloom" of black color. Such a silver chain is not susceptible to oxidation, it can be easily cleaned with a conventional soap solution.

Stylish silver chains are much cheaper than chains made of gold, but look no less noble. In this case, the price difference is not an indicator of a better appearance or quality. The affordable value of silver chains is due to the large volume of silver mining. The reserves of this precious metal exceed the gold reserves by tens of times. In silver, unlike gold, contains 7.5 percent of copper. Thus, silver products are more wear-resistant and stronger than gold. Any semiprecious and precious stones (rubies, garnets, sapphires, etc.) perfectly match with the silver frame.

Varieties of weaving golden chains

The weaving of gold chains is the size and way of connecting the links. There are many different types of weave. Let's consider some of them:

  • Anchor type of connection of links in silver chains is one of the most common. The links are characterized by an oval shape and are perpendicular to each other. Gold chains with anchor weaving at all times looked very impressive. There is a more gentle variant of this kind of connection of links - this is "rollo". This type of anchor weave is distinguished by the round shape of the links of the golden chain.
  • Cord weaving also resembles anchor, but in it at once several links enter into each other. Such a gold chain has a twisted form. Depending on the density of the links, there is a double or triple cord weave.
  • The Venetian type of connection of the links is another type of anchor weaving. Due to the thin wide links of a square or rectangular shape, this golden chain looks elegant and monolithic.
  • Weaving "shell" is the basis for a variety of types of links links. All cells are in the same plane. Depending on the number of links that are intertwined with each other, there is a triple, double and single armor plaiting.
  • The connection type of the links "cord" ("snake", "round shell") is a hollow silver chain of square, oval or round cross section.
  • Bismarck weaving is one of the most beautiful and complex types of connection of links. To create it, multidirectional elements are used, which form a single unit within the framework of the link. There are many varieties of such weaving ("royal", "python", "flat", etc.).
  • Weaving of the "Cleopatra". Here, the links of the flat form are parallel to each other.

From the choice of the weaving of the silver chain, many nuances of using such an ornament depend. Before buying it is necessary to decide whether you will be wearing the product with or without a suspension. After all, for large pendants you need to choose gold chains with reliable weaving.


We bring to your attention a few tips that will be useful when choosing a gold chain:

  1. When buying such an ornament, pay attention to the type of lock. The most reliable is the "carbine". If you plan to buy a massive decoration, it is better to choose this type of lock. A round, beautiful castle is more common on lighter models.
  2. The gold chain along the entire length should be homogeneous: without bends and breaks, and also with symmetrically arranged links.
  3. Pick up a gold chain for a gift is worth, given its average length (45 cm for women and 55 cm for men). Short items are mostly worn without a pendant. They are perfect for young ladies with a long neck. Long chains can reach 140 centimeters and fold into several balls. For a young guy, you can choose a golden chain of medium length with the original weaving. For older men, we recommend buying short and more massive models.
  4. Creative, non-ordinary personalities will like the taste of a chain with non-standard weaving, in which the links are made in the form of hearts, flowers, snails, etc.
  5. Such a jewelry accessory should not cause discomfort during wearing. If the chain rubs or crushes, then it is necessary to change it to a lighter, more convenient product.
  6. For children, perfect chains with weaving "Singapore", "bismarck" and the like are perfect. At the same time, the product should be light and strong enough.

In our online store, all residents of the country can quickly order an inexpensive jewelry gift to their relatives or friends. Even when the order is delivered to Kiev, Lutsk, Zaporozhye and other settlements of Ukraine, all products will be very affordable. Choosing a gold chain, it is necessary to take into account the taste preferences of the future owner. After all, such an ornament should bring joy and pleasure.

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