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Online store Ruvas ™ represents for sale more than 3000 models of gold rings in various designs. The products are manufactured in our own production, so you can be 100% sure of the quality of the products sold. The development of the design of exclusive ornaments is handled by artists and craftsmen in their own business. In view of the fact that gold rings are delivered directly to the Ukrainian market from the manufacturer, the products in the Ruvas ™ online store catalog are presented at the most attractive price. In addition, we systematically hold shares. Due to this you can buy a silver ring in the store Ruvas ™ cheaper than in retail stores. For customers who have made a purchase in the amount of 5000 UAH, we have developed a discount program that allows you to get a discount on the goods according to the scale provided on the website.


In the directory of the Ruvas ™ store everyone can choose and order a gold ring in accordance with personal preferences and financial capabilities. Our products are bought by men and women of different ages. If you need original models for a special occasion, we will be pleased to make engagement gold rings to order. Please note - in the catalog there are more than two dozen variations of products of this type of different design, weight, sizes - from 15 to 20 - and design. The original gold rings of the Ruvas ™ store can be inlaid with various inserts:

  • More simple, but at the same time, fashionable design of products is achieved through the use of cubic zirconia. Prices for gold rings of this type are more than affordable;
  • Semiprecious inserts give to products refinement and luxury. Beautiful gold rings of this type are relatively inexpensive goods compared to other products of the Ruvas ™ store;
  • Nano-stones look no less luxurious than precious, but more affordable;
  • Beautiful rings of gold, decorated with pearls, can also be decorated in different styles - from traditional classics to artsy modern nouveau;
  • Products with precious inserts will allow you to get a double benefit. The contemplation of an aesthetically beautiful thing will bring you real pleasure. In addition, unusual gold rings with precious inserts will be a profitable investment. The thing will not lose its value even after many years.

The site presents a large assortment of stylish gold rings without inserts. Choose the preferred option, using a convenient catalog. If you are wondering how much there is a gold ring for participants of the discount program, just call store managers Ruvas ™. You can also find out the size of the discount from the table on the website in the section corresponding to this information. Regarding the cost of gold rings Ruvas ™, the catalog of the store always shows the current prices for the goods.

Unusual gold rings

The products are presented in the Ruvas ™ store in sizes from 15 to 21.5. All models without exception are stylish gold rings, designed with or without different inserts. Two types of coating are used: rhodium plating, blackening in silver. The second option allows you to get products that practically do not require care. Some bands of silver rings are highlighted by blackening. Thus, the effect of aging things is achieved. The decoration is appropriate when decorating the rings of classical style. The coated coating gives a shine to products and protects them from external influences, and also extends the service life.

As for the fashion for precious inserts, the most popular are gold rings, adorned with sapphire, ruby, emerald, alexandrite. High demand for products with nano-crystals and such semiprecious inserts as:

  • citrine;
  • amethyst;
  • coral;
  • topaz;
  • agate;
  • nephritis;
  • Garnet;
  • turquoise;
  • Chalcedony and others.

Rings can be decorated with a whole scattering of stones. Choose at will products with inserts of square, round, oval shape. Stones can be made in the form of a pear, heart, triangle - see the entire available assortment on our website. Rings are also different in color inserts - white, black, pink, green, blue, lavender, pomegranate, ruby, champagne, assorted and others. We have collected many models and product versions in one catalog. Thanks to a rich assortment, everyone can choose the option with the optimal characteristics.


The goods are manufactured in accordance with existing rules and regulations. All products presented in the online store Ruvas ™ have a sample of the Ukrainian Assay Service. This guarantees the high quality of our products. Gold rings of 585 samples are equipped with a sealed tag indicating the information about the product - weight, size, insert characteristics, production date and other data provided by DSTU 3527-97. All products undergo strict control at all stages of production. For each product, more than 100 requirements are presented.

We are confident in our products, but taking care of customers and, accordingly, the reputation of the store, we establish guarantees for gold rings and other goods for a period of 6 months to 3 years. During this time, you will be able to exchange the product for the same, if there are any shortcomings. We do not exclude the possibility of returning the goods in case of detection of factory defects in the presence of a passport of sealed products.

Gold rings on the Ukrainian market

Online store Ruvas ™ delivers products throughout Ukraine. We created a user-friendly interface, so that you can buy goods in comfortable conditions and without wasting time. You can order gold rings in Kiev or other localities. Delivery is fast and absolutely free. The service is available when you buy products of any kind from the online store Ruvas ™.