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Perhaps the most favorite decoration for beautiful ladies are pendants. These stylish, original and elegant gold pendants have taken a firm place among jewelry accessories. They allow you to correctly place the accents in the image, highlight the dignity of their owners, emphasize the beautiful shade of the skin, feminine shoulder line, charming neck. Usually in the casket of the modern fashionista there are several gold pendants. And this is not surprising, because each pendant of gold has a special charm and original design. It helps to create a romantic, everyday, strict, business and any other image. Also, gold pendants talk about the good taste of their owner, draw attention to themselves and rivet the views of others. Buy this decoration is for every woman.


Thanks to the skill of jewelers, the choice of jewelry from gold today is quite large. Each girl will be able to pick up and buy a gold pendant to her liking, to emphasize the grace of the outfit and the beautiful décolletage line. Regardless of whether you are going on a romantic date, walking around the city, meeting friends, social events or business lunch, the suspension on the chain will always be relevant. It will be a wonderful gift to a friend, sister, daughter, mother, colleague, on the occasion of Birthday, birthday, christening, wedding anniversary or other occasion. You can buy gold pendants made in the form of:

  • Geometric figure - a circle, a square, an ellipse, an oval, etc.
  • Religious symbol - crosses, incense;
  • The sign of the zodiac;
  • An interesting form - a heart, a flower, a ball, a pear, a key, a butterfly and even an airplane;
  • Letter, which is the title in the name of the owner or a person close to her.

You can choose and buy a pendant made of solid gold, as well as pendants inlaid with precious stones and inserts. Jewelry, complemented by an emerald, sapphire or aquamarine, although it is relatively expensive, but it looks really luxurious. More cheaply you can buy gold pendants with a semi-precious insert of agate, pomegranate, topaz, onyx, amethyst, etc. They also look very dignified, hitting the imagination of others with their beauty.


Although the gold pendant is the final accent in creating the image, this decoration does not have strict requirements. Lovely ladies can show all the freedom in choosing this jewelry from gold, but it is advisable to follow certain recommendations. Incorrectly selected pendant can emphasize the shortcomings of the appearance, as well as give it a vulgar note. Therefore, before you buy this or that gold suspension, it is worth considering some of the nuances:

  1. The pendant of gold should be harmoniously combined with the overall style of clothing. If you put on a business suit, it is better to choose a laconic gold suspension without unnecessary details. Hearts are more suitable for a romantic encounter.
  2. Size matters. Massive and large ornaments made of gold on the neck attract attention and stand out, so they should be combined with neat jewelry so that you do not hear a magpie that has put on everything that comes to hand.
  3. For daily wear it's better to choose and buy a pendant without stones and decorative elements. Such pendants will not cling to clothes and rub the skin. If you all want to wear an inlaid ornament, it's worth looking at the products with a small stone.
  4. Owners of the long neck and beautiful neckline can wear large pendants, but a tiny girl is better to pick up and buy a small gold pendant that will emphasize her fragility and elegance.
  5. Some stylists recommend picking jewelry under the tone of clothes or in contrast to it. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. The main thing is not to combine in one image gold pendants and gold ornaments. Such a combination is considered a mauveton.

If you are looking for where to buy original pendants, the online store Ruvas ™ will offer a large selection of fine jewelry. The prices for silver pendants are different and depend on the size, weight and the presence of decorative elements. Cheaper items are made of solid gold, and pendants with precious stones will cost a little more. We also carry out individual orders for the manufacture of jewelry. You can buy paired silver pendants for yourself and your girlfriends, as well as products with an exclusive design. Delivery of pendants is carried out in any of the cities of Ukraine.