The other day the diamond mining company reported that "Diamonds of Anabar" mined a unique stone with a weight of almost 28 carats.

The largest pink diamond in the history of Alrosa

Impressive size, a fancy bright pink diamond was found by Alrosa's subsidiary Almazov Anabara. Dimensions of the stone were 22.47 x 15.69 x 10.9 mm, and weight - 27.85 carats. The find stands out not only for its size, but also for its exceptional purity and rich color.

What is particularly important, the found pink diamond is the largest in the history of the company, the previous extracted specimen of a similar color weighed 3.86 carats. In general, over the past 8 years, only 3 pink stones were found, the weight of which exceeded 2 carats.

Judging by the current trends in gemstone auctions, such a diamond could become an incredibly popular lot and bring an impressive amount in the sale. So, in April of this year pink diamond "Pink Star" weighing 59.6 carats set a record price among all diamonds in the world, earning 71.2 million dollars. And 2 years before, a 16-carat bright pink "kushon" was sold for 28.5 million dollars.